High-Purity PFA Tubing

High-purity PFA tubing, manufactured from Daikin’s (Japan) premium-grade NEOFLON PFA AP-230 or NEOFLON PFA AP-231, offers a higher continuous service temperature, a smooth surface texture, and excellent polymer purity. We offer various types of PFA tubing, including standard wall, PFA spiral coiled tubing, PFA convoluted tubing, PFA corrugated tubing, PFA spring-loaded tubing, and PFA bellows flexible tubing.

Standard Wall PFA Tube

PFA Convoluted Tube

PFA Spiral Coiled Tube

High-Purity PFA Products & Wet Process Accessories

PFA Tube Weld Fittings

PFA Flare Fittings

PFA Dispensing Nozzle

N2 Gun/DI Water Gun


Hot Flaring Tool

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