Filmetrics Thin Film Metrology

More companies count on Filmetrics for affordable thin-film thickness measurements than on anyone else. Makers of cell phones, eyeglasses, liquid-crystal displays, and hundreds of other products appreciate that our devices are easy-to-use, cost less, and are backed with unmatched support. In fact, our customers show us new uses for our thin-film thickness measurement tools every day!
In just one click, we measure thin-film thickness by analyzing how the film reflects light. By measuring light not visible to the human eye, films as thin as 1nm and as thick as 13mm can be measured. And, because there are no moving parts, results are available in seconds: film thickness, color, refractive index, and even roughness.

Single Spot Measurements

  • Measures film thickness and refractive index with a single mouse-click.
  • Measures thicknesses from 1nm to 13mm, multi-layer possible
  • Different probes for various surfaces

Single Spot Measurements Examples


Spectral Reflectance, Refractive Index


Small Coupon


Solar Photovoltaics


Automated Mapping

  • Fully-automatic mapping of thickness and index for nearly any sample shape.
  • Manual-load and robotic-load systems are available.
  • SECS-GEM capable
  • Automatic baseline, auto notch alignment
  • Average Reflectance Mapping

Automated Mapping Examples


Patterned Wafers


Blanket Wafers e.g. Si3N4, SiO2, AZ1518


3D Thickness Profiling

In-line Monitoring

  • Measure film thickness in-line and in real-time e.g. moving films at up to seven locations with the F37.
  • Measure deposition rates, film thickness, optical constants (n and k), and uniformity of semiconductors and dielectric layers in real-time with the F30 spectral reflectance system.
  • Sample rates as high as 100 Hz are possible at multiple measurement locations.

In-line Monitoring Examples


Plastic films


3 spot frame probe for inline measurements


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