Raith is a leading technology manufacturer for electron beam lithography and focused ion beam nanofabrication instruments. In addition to this expertise in nanofabrication, Raith technology is employed for IC reverse engineering, IC layout reconstruction, and large area imaging in life sciences.

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ELPHY the lithography attachment enable the SEM, FIB-SEM and HIM system to provide the easiest, most convenient and low-cost solution for the nano material fabrication.  The attachment significantly enlarge the bandwidth, complexity, and degree of automation of possible nanofabrication applications when adapted to the tools. ELPHY features:

  • Professional semiconductor industry standard GDSII file handling
  • Flexible directional scanning mode/nanopatterning strategies (“FLEXposure”)
  • Automated complex pattern sequencing using task list such as involving macros, scripts, multiple beams and drift correction
  • Proximity effect correction and true 3D nanofabrication
  • Unique multiplying DAC concept for multilevel lithography, calibration and sub-nm pitch control


Nanolithography Examples

Insulator deposition for growth rate studies – S. Bauerdick, Raith GmbH

Quantum effect device

CMOS decoder circuit, aligned ebeam pattern with CMOS Metal 5 vias


PIONEER Two integrates EBL and SEM imaging into a system. It is user-friendly and versatile in its nanostructure.

  • Smallest bean size in the world within a professional EBL system (<1.6nm)
  • Sub-8 nm nanolithography performance (guaranteed)
  • Optimum mark recognition capabilities and SEM analysis by up to 5 different detectors
  • Highest-precision Laser Interferometer Controlled stage with integrated rotation and tilt functionality (for uncompromised analytical SEM inspection)


EBPG Plus, an ultra-high-performance electron beam lithography system with 100 kV write mode and high-resolution lithography below 5 nm. EBPG Plus offers a unique combination of automation, modularity, and performance. An intuitive user interface plus automated workflow with optional data preprocessing software helps the user to focus on achieving results instead of system handling.

  • Automated wafer and multi-sample exposures
  • Automated exposure parameter switching and calibration, allowing seamless and stable switching between high throughput and high resolution
  • Easy-to-learn graphical user interface and terminal interface for scripting
  • Secure multi-user environment and different access levels
  • Extremely fast stage with very low settling times
  • Automated 2- or 10-holder airlock
  • Fast and error-free sample alignment
  • Advanced fracturing modes for lowest line-edge roughness
  • Highly efficient data processing using Firebird technology for highest pattern fidelity in the shortest time


Voyager is designed for fast sample turnover or small batch production by utilizing a reliable and economical workhorse. It comes with an environment-tolerant shield which ensures system stability. Voyager features:

  • 50 kV thermal field emission column technology
  • Fully automated write field calibration
  • Automatic focus wand stigmator setup
  • Automatic switch between high-resolution and throughput writing mode
  • Multi sample exposure automation
  • “printer-like unique GUI for less experienced users
  • Compact system footprint
  • Innovative, upgradable and future-proof system architecture

RAITH150 Two

RAITH150 Two is designed to help with the transition from single-device-oriented research towards small-batch fabrication of nanodevices, thus bridging the gap between academic and industrial R&D with respect to its capilities in rapid prototyping of devices for industrial applications. RAITH150 Two can expose structure that are smaller than 5nm and work with sample size from a few mm up to 8-inch wafers. It allows for surface-sensitive high-resolution inspection and process control with its low kV imaging capabilities. RAITH150 Two features:

  • Ultra-high-resolution Electron Beam Lithography
  • Automated waferscale e-beam writing
  • 30 kV Gemini column technology
  • Low kV exposure and imaging
  • Thermal shield

eLINE Plus

eLINE Plus supports both ultra high resolution electron beam lithography and large-area nanofabrication. It is designed for ultimate flexibility and versatility. eLINE Plus features:

  • Advanced 30kV TFE electron optical column technology
  • Innovative and unique stitch-error-free writing strategies
  • Dedicated features for automated waferscale metrology and process control
  • Laser Interferometer Stage
  • Multiple detector concept
  • Multiport vacuum chamber
  • Open and upgradable platform concept

Electron Beam Lithography, Imaging and Nanoengineering Examples

5 nm lines in HSQ resist

3D nanosculpturing by electron beam induced deposition (EBID)

Nanoprobing of freely suspended Pt-nanowire, deposited on gold contact pads with EBID


Velion unique nanoFIB Two ion column delivers high resolution, excellent placement accuracy, long-term stability and record low beam tails. It is used for the stable delivery of gold, silicon, germanium, or other ions with nanometer beam diameters, the flow optimized alloy ion source and low aberration ion optics enable easy switching between multiple ion species from a single source, while preserving the high resolution and stability of the nanoFIB Two column. It is established as a standard technique for fabricating three-dimensional and high-resolution nanostructures. Velion features:

  • Dedicated nanoFIB ion column
  • Liquid metal alloy source for multi-species ion beam technology
  • Laser Interferometer Stage
  • Tailored FE-SEM column
  • Various system configurations including gas injection and nanomanipulators

Ion Beam Lithography Examples

1 mm long micro-fluidic mixer channel

Advanced prototyping for a truly functional X-ray zone plate

Large plasmonic array of small features created by direct FIB milling in gold

Reverse Engineering

  • Reverse engineering is a sophisticated process used in the protection of intellectual property (IP) and IC Design Recovery.
  • CHIPSCANNER is based on Raith’s lithography technologies and delivers unrivalled accuracy and stability required for TRUE LARGE AREA SEM imaging for subsequent multi-level GDSII layout reconstruction.
  • Protection of intellectual property → check your competitors devices for copied structures
  • Verification of supplier’s chip design → checking for spyware and/or malware
  • Replacement of chips from “obsolete” generations keep your old machines running even without manufacturer’s support

Reverse Engineering Examples

Reverse engineering for device obsolescence ; IP protection; anti-counterfeit

Reverse engineering for bioimaging of tissues and organs to sub-cellular resolution


CHIPSCANNER helps to deliver homogenous large-area image mosaics for each layer with minimum stitching errors and stable brightness/contrast values and CAD shape extraction. It produces the most accurate and high resolution directly acquired by an SEM instrument. The CHIPSCANNER features:

  • Active focus control using laser height sensing
  • Highest position and beam accuracy and stability
  • A wide range of selectable electron detectors
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