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QUAVA Megasonic Cleaning System

Powerful and precise cleaning of Semiconductors, Flat Panel Displays, Hard Disk, and Solar components

  • Quava generator is capable of 10 different frequencies from 26kHz to 950kHz. And a maximum output power of 1200W
  • Soft start / soft stop function and four different oscillation modes for optimized cleaning and damageless cleaning
  • Advanced control function, external communication function, self-monitoring function and 4 kinds of oscillating mode
  • Precise output wattage display and 1W unit adjustment of output setting (0.1W unit for the frequency 430kHz and above the wattage below 100W)

Quava Mini REACTOR

Compact megasonic cleaning set, suitable for R&D or precision cleaning.

  • Compact, versatile and high convenience tabletop system
  • Broad range of frequency from 26kHz to 1.6MHz. Multiple frequency can be operated by one generator
  • Accurate and stable power: Average power variety +- 1%, Setting power unit 0.1W
  • Auto control. No field calibration needed when replacing a generator or transducer

QUAVA Spot Shower

Superfine megasonic cleaning for Semiconductor Wafers, HDD, LED & FPD

  • Available in 430kHz, 2MHz and 3MHz frequencies
  • Uniform damage free cleaning of fine patterns
  • Provide continuous megasonic energy across the full width and depth of all the substrates in the process vessel
  • Patented transducer structure emits a powerful megasonic wave. High efficiency cleaning by the unique design
  • High purity quartz nozzle ensure superfine cleaning. Stainless steel nozzle is also available

Tabletop Ultrasonic System

High cleaning power ultrasonic cleaner

  • Multiple frequencies from 26kHz to 160kHz
  • High cleaning power of up to 2400W ensure effective remover contaminants or stains from industrial parts
  • Various sizes and configurations to meet the requirements:
    • Temperature control, digital timer & dry running protection
    • Automated lifting and basket swing system
    • Drainage system & filtration unit

Ultrasonic/Megasonic Sound Pressure Meter

Sound pressure level monitor

  • Hand-help meter with measurement frequency of 14.5kHz to 2.0Mh\Hz
  • Easy to use, with digital display
  • Record data to build in memory, and data is transferable to PC
  • High-performance probes: high purity quartz probe and double tube probe for measuring high sound pressure
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