Microfabrication Without Masks

The number of potential lithography applications in the field of life science is growing rapidly. Master molds for microfluidic devices require thick resist processing, vertical sidewalls and high aspect ratio. µTAS (micro total analysis systems) combine several microfluidic devices like mixer, filter and pumps on a chip to integrate a total sequence of lab processes. Our direct write lithography systems have enabled our users to create photomasks for such molds or to expose patterns directly into the resist layer, which allows fast prototyping of new devices.

Resist – SU-8, Resist Thickness 90µm, Aspect Ratio – > 40:1


Resist – SU-8, Resist Thickness 32µm, Aspect Ratio – > 10:1


Resist – Lift-off, Resist Thickness 0.6µm, Application- > Nanowire Contact

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