White Knight Heaters

Ultra-Pure Heateflex & Accuheat Heating Solutions

Wet Process Tanks

White Knight Heaters

Ultra-Pure Heateflex & Accuheat Heating Solutions

Accuheat™ PFA In-Line Chemical Heaters


Imtec high-purity Accuheat PFA in-line heater are desinged for hydrofluoric acid (HF), potassium hydroxide (KOH), and other chemistry compatible with PFA.

Chemical Heaters

Accuheat™ Quartz In-line Chemical Heaters


Accuheat™ chemical in-line heaters consist of ultrapure quartz tubes, wrapped in an Inconel heater element that provides even, conductive heat over the entire area.

Chemical Heaters

Accuheat™ PFA In-Line Solvent Heaters


For heating Solvents such as IPA (Isopropyl alcohol), NMP, and much more. IMTEC introduces the high-purity PFA solvent inline heater.

Solvent Heaters

Accuheat™ Quartz In-Line Gas Heaters


Accuheat™ G-Series gas heaters are robust, efficient, and pure. Quartz is the only material to contact gasses being heated, which prevent particle adders and contaminates.

Gas Heaters

Aquarius® Deionized (DI) Water Heater Systems


Aquarius® DI water heating systems are ideal for high-purity processes that require continuous flows of hot DI water with accurate and precise temperature control.

Aquarius® Heaters

Ultrapure In-Line PFA Fluid Heaters


HC Series in-line heaters are ideal for high-temperature, ultrapure processes. They feature PFA flow paths for optimal compatibility with aggressive chemicals.

PFA Heaters

Ultrapure In-Line PVDF/PFA Fluid Heaters


PVDF/PFA ultrapure in-line fluid heaters are ideal for heating deionized water, acids, and less aggressive process chemistries use in high-purity processes of semiconductor, solar, MEMS manufacturing, and other industries using high-purity fluids.

PVDF/PFA Heaters

Vesper™ PVDF PFA Heat Exchangers


Vesper™ Series of PVDF/PFA heat exchangers offer a variety of solutions for heating, cooling, and temperature trimming of fluids used in ultra-pure manufacturing processes.

Vesper™ Heaters

PFA Immersion Tank Heaters


Heateflex immersion tank heaters are great for heating fluid baths to a constant temperature. These heaters are ideal for use in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and biomedical industries.

PFA Tank Heaters

Legacy Heaters


Discontinued heaters systems include: Aries Solvent Heaters, Fluidix® Steam-Powered DIW Heaters, Poseidon™ Stainless Steel Heaters, SX Stainless Steel Heaters, Demeter™ Systems…

Legacy Heaters

Wet Process Tanks

Accubath™ Heated Quartz Wet Process Tanks


The Accubath combines the highest quality materials and engineering designs to create a quartz bath that enhances your process.

Wet Process Tanks

Accubath™ PTFE, PVDF, PFA, NPP Wet Process Tanks


IMTEC designed process and rinse tanks are constructed from a single sheet of application specific plastic material that is CNC machined and then folded into the form of your tank using the “ORIGAMI” method.


Accubath™ Sapphire Wet Etching Process Tanks


XE-Series for Sapphire Etching (Al2O3) & Beyond – For safe and reliable heating up to 300°C the Accubath™

Saaphire Wet Etch Tanks

Quartz Megasonic Cleaning Tank

PVDF Megasonic Cleaning Tank

Accumeg™ Megasonic Systems

PVDF Megasonic Tank with Quick Dump Rinse

Gapless Transducer offers better process uniformity in the tank

Transducers with tightly matched crystals wired together in parallel for small potential difference between crystals

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