PFA Immersion Tank Heaters

Features & Benefits

  • Ultrapure PFA wetted surfaces
  • Reliable heating of harsh chemicals
  • Maximum 200ºC heating capability
  • Low Watt Density; ≤4 watts/in²
  • Maximum power in compact footprint
  • Grid heaters of 3/4-inch heights
  • Frame Heaters of 1-1/2-inch heights
  • Heaters designed to your specifications and process tank sizes for easy integration
  • No N2 Purge Required



  • Platinum Ground Wire
  • Embedded Ground Wire
  • Type J Process Thermocouple
  • RTD Over Temp and Process Thermocouple
  • Perforated Top and Bottom Floor Grid
  • Raised Legs
  • Thermal Fuses
  • Special Cut Grids
  • Air 200 and 300 Controller
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