Accuheat™ PFA In-Line Chemical Heaters


  • Heavy gauge pre-formed Inconel element can stand up to high stress conditions without breaking down
  • Power modulator monitors heater element temp and prevents heat buildup inside the housing
  • Sealed housing prevents chemistry from attacking internal components & provides secondary containment
  • Internal leak detect strip (requires external monitor) gives early detection of chemical leaks
  • All wiring shielded with FEP conduit to prevent chemical attack
  • Indirect heating design, no submerged heater elements
  • No N2 or gas purge required



  • No O-Ring seals
  • All wetted surfaces are high purity PFA
  • PTFE housing for double containment
  • Maximized watt density for performance
  • Light weight construction
  • Small foot print enabled by unique design
  • Zero maintenance required
  • PFA fluid path, wide chemistry compatibility
  • High temperature capability 200°C+
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