Accubath™ Sapphire Wet Etching Process Tanks


  • Inverted Quartz Autolid keeps condensate inside the tank
  • Quartz Cooling Coils minimize the vapor cloud near the lid
  • Patented Aquaseal lowers flange temperature and protects critical quartz to plastic sealant
  • Quartz air operated Aspirator effectively drains the process chamber even at max operating temperature
  • Quartz RTD wells protect the temp sensor and allow accurate temperature readings
  • Quartz Cool Down Box contains drained hot chemistry until it is safe for house facilities
  • Hydraulically Actuated Cylinder for smooth control of lid operation
  • Super high-density Aluminum Silicate Insulation keeps the heat in
  • Quartz inner chamber with heavy gauge Inconel Heating element
  • Quartz Locator Plate designed to hold your specified carrier
  • ECTFE Housing for superior temperature and chemical compatibility
  • Quartz Secondary Containment Tank holds hot liquid in case of tank breach.
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