Heated Quartz Process Tank

  • Constant temperature heated process tank suitable for use in processes using quartz-compatible chemistries up to 190°C
  • Complete line of ACCUBATH systems deliver unsurpassed process performance, reliability, and safety in wet systems
  • Patented AquaSeal ensures superior vessel life
  • Configurations & Applications:
    • Quartz Nitride Etch Reflux Systems, Quartz Re-circulating Vessels, Quartz Static Vessels
    • Heated Stainless Steel Process Tank for solvent cleaning and stripping
    • Sapphire Wet Etching High-Temperature Process Tanks


Megasonic Cleaning Tanks & Systems

Gapless Transducer offers better process uniformity in the tank

  • Designed to provide continuous megasonic energy across the full width and depth of all the substrates in the process tank for complete, fast, efficient cleaning and the elimination of particle re-attachment
  • Cassette & cassette-less designs for up to 300 mm wafers & larger substrates
  • Field replaceable transducer arrays, components rated > 50,000 hours MTBF
  • High watt density, and capable to operate at 70°C+
  • Megasonic Frequencies: 975kHz & 730kHz (+/-25kHz)
  • Tank Materials: Quartz, PVDF, PFA, and Stainless Steel

Quartz In-Line Chemical Heaters

  • Feature ultrapure quartz tubes, wrapped in an Inconel heater element for uniform conductive heating
  • Zero Maintenance, Low Cost of Ownership: no lamp replacement, no calibration, no purge or cooling required and Self Draining capabilities
  • Proprietary Power Modulator ensures fast ramp-up & high heat transfer efficiency
  • Redundant safety sensors protect heater and users
  • Process chemistries: Phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, TMAH, SC1, SC2, and more
  • Wattage : Single Tube (3-13KW) or Dual-Tube (6-26KW) models

PFA In-Line Chemical Heaters

  • Designed for hydrofluoric acid (HF), potassium hydroxide (KOH), and other chemistry compatible with PFA
  • Feature high purity PFA fluid path & PTFE housing for double containment
  • Heavy gauge pre-formed Inconel heater element can stand up to high stress conditions without breaking down
  • Zero Maintenance: no O-ring seals & no N2 or gas purge required
  • Proprietary Power Modulator ensures fast ramp-up & high heat transfer efficiency
  • Safety features : Internal leak detect strip gives early detection of chemical leaks, all wiring is run in FEP conduit to prevent chemical attack
  • Wattage : Single Tube (1.5-12KW) or Dual-Tube (15-24KW) models

PFA In-Line Solvent Heaters

  • Designed to safely heat volatile flammable solvents such as IPA(Isopropyl alcohol), NMP, EKC while maintaining a high purity flow path
  • Safety features:
    • Stainless Steel grounded housing
    • Wiring shielded with grounded conduit
    • N2 housing purge provides inert environment
    • Redundant Over-Temperature Devices
    • Certified for operating within a Class I, Division II Environment Compliant
  • Zero Maintenance: no O-ring seals
  • Proprietary Power Modulator ensures fast ramp-up & high heat transfer efficiency
  • Wattage : 1.5-12KW

Quartz In-Line Gas Heaters

  • Ultra high purity heating of Nitrogen (N2), CDA, Ammonia (NH3), Helium (He), Argon
  • All quartz gas flow path, metal free path
  • Double quartz tube construction for efficient heat transfer
  • FM-4910 Compliant PVDF Housing
  • Power modulator protects against no-flow conditions
  • RTD provided for monitoring internal gas temperature
  • Over-Temperature thermocouple attached to heater element provided for redundant protection
  • Over-Temperature snap switch trips if heater is out of control
  • Power modulator monitors element temp to reduce excess heat inside housing

IPA Vapor Dryer

  • Surface tension IPA vapor (Marangoni Dryer) drying
  • Watermark-free substrates drying
  • Designed for ease-of-use and safety in mind
  • Reduces wafer breakage
  • Effective tool for drying wafers, silicon, sapphire, solar cells, MEMS, disk media drives, and much more
  • Capable of processing a variety of substrate types and sizes in numerous batch configurations
  • Stand alone unit or integrated into a wet processing station

Wet Process Accessories

  • Wet Process Tanks: PFA,PVDF, Stainless Steel
  • Quartz Recirculation Tank, Quartz Machine Parts
  • Quick Dump Valve (QDR)
  • Ultrasonic-Megasonic Energy Cavitation Meter
  • Resistgard UV-Blocking Light Shields

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